About Me

Simran Kaur, Trails with Tales


Isn’t life all about moments that make memories? Moments stringed with emotions. Moments that make the entire journey worthwhile. About finding and living as many such moments as we can? Well, the world is full of them. And some of the most interesting stories and people happen to you when you’re on the road. I tend to meander in search of places, people, food, street scenes and just experiences that inspire me. And Trails with Tales is my personal ever-growing collection of these very special moments from my travels. Experiences that have shaped my life and will stay with me forever.


My name is Simran. A compulsive wanderer, eternal optimist, tenderfoot photographer, deep sea diver and hopeless lover of sunsets. Travel for me is a wild passion of the heart and I’m always on the prowl for new adventures. In a 3 month sabbatical from work in 2013, I lived, learnt and loved more than I ever had before. Ever since, I have experienced the joy of backpacker trains in Thailand, smashed tomatoes on thousands of strangers in Bunyol, dived in the pristine islands of South East Asia, driven in search of hidden beaches in North Kerala untill there were no roads left… I could reminisce for days. So the choice of quitting my corporate job came naturally to me in 2015 and I found myself corroborating my love for travel with my work.


My way of travel has a penchant for soaking up local cultures and traditions. I usually like to travel solo or at best with a couple of like-minded companions, always picking experiential accommodations over mainstream resorts and hotels. Hostels, apartments in a local neighbourhood, homestays, camps or even couchsurfing is the way to go for me. I look for beauty in random street scenes and local cafes when I travel, than in a touristy check-list, which over time I find myself sometimes willing to completely let go off.

Apart from interacting with the locals, what I also really enjoy while I travel is meeting and getting to know fellow travelers. Travelers anywhere in the world tend to have a similar mind-set and of course a lot of wonderful stories and adventures to share. Exploring a new place with these wander mates can be absolutely exhilarating. And hearing about their travel experiences always inspires and tends to take you beyond the place you have physically traveled to.

So, welcome to the blog, I hope you will linger a while and join me on some of my travels.