Thailand: You keep me coming back!

Wat Mahathat

I first came to Thailand in 2011 and have made a trip every year ever since. There’s something about the place that just keeps you coming back. It always shows you a good time. The stunning coastlines, the lazy islands, the bustling cities and the slow paced countryside in the north. It’s really a country […]

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In Photos: A walk to remember in Ladakh!

Eco Padyatra Ladakh

In October  2016, I took a walk to remember. Around 600 locals, 400 monks and nuns from Ladakh, Himachal, the North East, Bhutan and Nepal and 250 foreigners from various corners of the world set out on the 8th annual Eco Padyatra in Ladakh. They were all led by His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa. ‘A journey […]

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Ladakh: First Impressions!

Leh main market

The moment you board the flight to Ladakh, you know its going to be a special journey. You catch a very interesting mix of people looking at you as you make your way through the aisle. Enthusiastic backpackers, hearty locals and tranquil monks with beaming smiles, eager to engage in conversation. Its nothing like another […]

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Spiti: Eight Extraordinary Experiences

Langza, Spiti

From the moment I entered Spiti valley, I was awestruck. I woke up every morning feeling ‘oh! I’ve seen it now’ and then came another mind blowing surprise! The gorgeous rugged landscape, the gushing rivers, some of the highest inhabited villages in the world, the kindest people, the pace of life. It’s really hard to […]

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In Photos: Dreamy Santorini

Santorini Windmills

With every turn I walked into a postcard! It was love at first sight. Nothing short of a dream. The perfectly manicured town of Oia in Santorini. The white washed caves and bright blue domes. The narrow passageways that winded between the white walled buildings. The still waters and the bright sun reflecting on them. The stunning views […]

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Just You – And the World!

Solo Travel

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark Let me be frank – it’s not for everyone. But  it’s totally worth finding out if it’s for you. Waking up in an unfamiliar place, amidst unfamiliar people can definitely be unnerving but that’s precisely what […]

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